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Post  Guest on Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:04 pm

< Samuel's Character Transfer Application >

< Basic Information >

Steam Name:
- Dax

Steam ID:
- STEAM_0:0:25663754

Time with Myrder-Gaming:
- Since almost day one.

OOC Reason for you to have your character back (One Para):
- Everyone seems to want Becker back. Weather this is true or not has yet to be seen, but I do plan to bring him back. I'd like to think Becker could drive new players in the right direction... in most cases. He was my main character on UEN. I've developed him more than any other character I've had. Out of all of my characters I think he's had the most of everything (Guns, Sex, Drugs, Relationships, Encounters, Firefights, etc.).

< Character Information >

Character name:
- Samuel Becker

Character Back story (One Para):.
- At the age of eight Samuel was pushed into the crowded Metro, at the time all he understood was that they were under attack. Through the rest of his childhood his father taught him medicine, and while Sam was skilled in the art, he cared to much about his patients. While he doesn't practice medicine anymore, he still saves live, just in more brutal ways. His time in the Rangers and Caravan Guard has honed his fighting skills. He's always been a life saver, even if it meant risking his own life, which he doesn't care much for anyhow.

Since joining the guard, he's denounced his ties to the Redline. Sure Hyane is still his friend, but he refuses to take part in the communist actions. As far as his relationships go, he never mentions them to anyone any more. If you try to bring them up, you'll be met with silence. If you persist in bringing them up, you'll be met with a blade. It's no that he's sensitive about all that's happened to him, he'd just rather forget it in the least alcoholic way possible. Sam is still a drinker, but his days of getting shit faced are over. His days of being a medical practitioner are over. While Sam believes deep down in his heart all of those days are over... the Metro can make a fool of us all.

IC reason for character coming to Chistye Prudy? (One Para):
- The caravan has made it's pass around The Ring several times. And now it's brought Becker back to his friends. He joined on with a caravan at one of the Hansa stations shortly after the fall of Trety, with his Ranger background they made him the leader of a guard for one of the caravans. During his travels he's been in fights with Red's and Reich, Bandits and Mutants. He's lost some of his guards men along the way, either to the fighting or to the whores. Finally it's brought him home, his second in command Marcus Galloway is fit enough to take the caravan back to The Ring from Christye Prudy.

Items you wish to apply for on your character:

- Ak-47 (Natasha and her bayonet kept him safe in close encounters.)
Rucksack (Where he stores his rations and spare ammo.)
100 Bullets (His last payment as a parting gift from the caravan.)
(Anything else I might need I can surely buy with bullets.)

Any Proof you may have of Existence (Screenshots, Diaries, Etc.):-
Did you say diaries? Oh I have plenty of 'em. Otherwise most people know me and can vouch for Becker.


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Post  Guest on Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:32 am

Gonna start bumping applications that haven't been posted on.


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Post  Brendin65 on Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:42 pm

Samuel 'Sam' Becker 2jbtf0n

AK47 and Rucksack.

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