Nayomi Yuki's Character Sheet + Diary

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Nayomi Yuki's Character Sheet + Diary

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[Nayomi - 直美]

[YUKI - ユキ]




[136 lb]




[Japan/Setana - 瀬棚町]

+ [Caring person]
+ [Rarely Angry]

- [Fear of going public]
- [Always tries to stay inside, and seperated from everyone]
- [Weak]
- [Easy to scare]
- [Hard to talk to people]
- [Trouble to earn trust]

[The Diary]

Day 1-

I can't believe i lost my old diary book. Fuck, i wrote a lot in there. But it might be for the better, to forget all what happened... All i did.

I've been hiding in this cabin the entire day now, think it's Redline territory. I'm not certain, but well... Anyhow, i've been hiding here for the entire day, together with Kayla. She's so adorable to be with, really. I love her so much. I can give her cuddles, i can play with her. Oh, it's so fun, though i wish Katie was here. She had to go on a journey she told me, for a few days... I hope she's back soon, i'm down to my last water bottle. I th_~-/ [It seems like the pencil slipped out]
Ah, Kayla got awake and she wanted to crawl around and pushed my arm. Hiha, it's so cute... I would love to teach her her first steps and all, but... Katie has to be there, so i wait. I'd be so... SO happy if we could spend some time with all three of us. But i understand life isn't a fairy tail (unfortunately).
Another thing... More unfortunate. I heard Marie... speaking to someone named 'Dima', saying bad things about me. I don't know how she knew about me and Stefan, but i really don't like her already. Why does she say such words about me, i'm not like that. ... It was an accident. Then i heard Emily shortly too... Guess i don't need my old diary to remember what i caused. Lastly, i... I don't know what it was, but.. I heard a lot... LOT of screams. It's terrifying, like seriously. Kayla looked me in the eyes, and i could see in them that she was scared. I pulled her gently onto my lap, and laid her onto her back and hummed her a little song untill the screams finally stopped, and Kayla fell asleep. Being a mother really takes a lot, but i'm happy i have her... And Katie. With both of them, i feel really safe. Just a little longer to hang in, and Katie will be back. Better get some more sleep, so time passes quickly.

Day 2-

One more day. And she'll be home. Finally!

Kayla's been a little bit sad that Katie's not home i believe. Each time i told her that she'd be home soon, on the moment i spoke her name her face got so full of attention. Awh, why are children so cute. I could hug it for the rest of my life and never release it again. Hm... If nothing bad happens though. I've been thinking about a lot of things in this cabin... About what could happen. It might be that Reich finds me, and takes me .... Because i'm not a real part of the Russians. Or maybe something happened to Katie? ... No, i don't think so. She's so strong, and she can take care of herself... Maybe i should start spending time on my own protection? ... No, i don't think that's a good idea... Even if, i would be scared to go out in publics. Maybe if i wasn't locked away for so long back in Setana, i wouldn't have this? This is just frustrating to think of... But my father tried to protect me. Maybe if he didn't i wouldn't have been here to write this all down... But maybe that wouldn't have been a bad things, seeing the situation in the world as it is now. Ugh, this is mindblowing. No matter what i'll think, there will never be someone to tell me the awnser. What is now, is now... Guess i'd better focus on that.
I really hope Reich doesn't find me... I'll be gone for sure, and... Kayla would be too. What if they kidnapped her and forced her into becomming a Reich soldier?! ... Ugh, and with what i've heard today...I'm not sure who said it, i just heard someone speak of it. That the Reich is using... their female soldiers for breeding? ... That's just... Sick. Forcing t-... If this ever happens to Kayla...
No, this won't happen to Kayla. I'm not letting it happen. Either will Katie. I'm not going to allow that. ever.


Day 3-

Why are they trying to do this... ?! Why?!

I'm getting thirsty... I'm at my last water bottle, it's half empty... and i don't know why Kate didn't return yet. I mean, she should have... What could have happened?
No, Katie's a strong girl, and she's fine... I'm sure of it. She's just... having to work longer i guess.
I can handle myself... I hope. Today, i heard Stefan... Saying something about Kayla. And... Alexandra that's trying to make him think that he has right to see the child, to take it... NO! NO! NO! I'm NOT allowing them to take Kayla from me. FUCK. STEFAN. . I won't allow him this. He can go fuck one of his girls, like he did with SO FUCKING MANY!. Always being drunk to 'forget' his problems, in stead of fixing them, and then making out with the first girl he finds. I thought i actually was special to him, I EVEN FUCKING KISSED HIM TO SHOW HIM WHAT .... I better won't open up that old wound. I have Katie now, and i'm so happy with her. I won't ever do this to her. Never the fuck, of my life. Yes, my life partner is Katie. And i'm so happy she got to me, and started to take care of me. Without her, i'd have been so misirable. I really hope she's comming home soon. I don't have any bullets left anymore, and i have no use in any work. I'm too weak to do manual labor, and i have no idea how anything works... I ... Why am i even here? I'm so... useless. I really can't do anything.
This just makes me depressed. I have at least one goal now... To take care of Kayla, and raise her up. And that's what i'll do. It's... the only thing i can do.


Day 4-

Oh, my goodness... Finally, she's back. My hands are shaking from excitement. I was sleeping in that stupid small cabin, with Kayla in my arms... Then i felt Kayla being taken, so i woke... And she was in front of me. I jumped up, and wrapped my arms around her so tightly. Oh, god i missed her hugs... And she even found our resources for water and food. ... I so wish i could return her something, but... I can't really, so i must find something. And i will find something. I noticed Kayla being really happy to see Katie again. Her arms tried to hug her, though she's a little too small for that, haha. Her arms couldn't quite fit even to her sides, though it was so cute. Afterwards, we just... It was like time froze then. I saw she was looking into my eyes, and as i watched back... My eyes just couldn't move again. We stared at least a full minute, of just... We knew what we were thinking, without even having to speak. Our eyes just said the same things... And we kissed. After such a long time, oh god. My heart was going so CRAZY. My entire body submitting to that moment. I was so happy... Finally.


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Re: Nayomi Yuki's Character Sheet + Diary

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