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'Topor's Character Profile

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-Character Profile: 'Topor'-


First Name: Anton
Surname: Shevalt
Nickname: 'Topor'
Nationality: Romanian
Date of Birth: 04/03/1995 (38 Years Old)
Languages: Romanian/Russian
Ethnicity: Slavic, Russian mother/Romanian Father
Next of Kin: N/A
Current Location: Exhibition Station
Loyalties: N/A
Faction: Dweller
Weapons: One steel woodaxe with a carved oak handle
Religion: Cultist
Occupation: Traveler/Hired Merc


Head: Left eye missing, no masks
Neck: Bandages hang around neck, visible lacerations and pink scar tissue run round Topor's throat
Torso: A dull green ragged cloak made of leather and wool, stitched with worn thread, stained with blood.
Arms: Rings of old bandages run up forearms.
Legs: Torn up sets of jeans sewn together in a patchwork of colour and material, lined with rate hides in the waist.
Feet: Pinkie toe on left foot lost to frostbite, feet bound in sandals coated with leather.


Disabilities/Ailments: Mute
Preferred Combat style: "Axe-to-the-chest-fu"
Notoriety: Low

Likes: Axes, people who don't ask too many questions, hunting his own prey, surface meltwater.

Dislikes: Alcohol, firearms, heavy armor, singing.


[STRENGTH]                 [8]
[PERCEPTION]              [5]
[ENDURANCE]               [7]
[CHARISMA]                 [1]
[INTELLIGENCE]            [4]
[AGILITY]                    [2]
[LUCK]                        [3]


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