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Dimitri Markovs character app Empty Dimitri Markovs character app

Post  Guest on Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:09 pm

< Dimitri Markov's Character Transfer Application >

Basic Information >

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

Time with Myrder-Gaming:
- 1 week.

OOC Reason for you to have your character back (One Para):
-Why i want my Character back is because i always had an interest in Roleplay so i decided to join a friend (PlasmaXlite) and asked him what he was doing he said "Metro rp", after he told me the general information of the server and universe we Rp'ed together, and now i am back willing to continue my char's story and i will try and put more dedication into my char and see how it goes from there.

Character Information >

Character name:
-Dimitri Markov

Character Back story (One Para):
-Dimitri was only four when the bombs dropped. Him and his parents took shelter in the metro. Dimitri lost his parents to mutants when he was only 15 and has been alone for years until he had met Jason who as well was just like him lonely and without a family so after weeks of talking and travelling they both decided to move to Exhibition to start a new life later on Jason had Gained his Stalker Novice and Dimitri just received his gas mask so they both ventured on in to the pit for some reason Dimitri had not sealed the filter correctly causing him to be irradiated, they both rushed back to Exhibition to get medical help he was managed to get cured then a women from the TA recruited him and Jason, Just before the Station move Dimitri went missing when he went on a patrol with some other TA members they were attacked by mutants overwhelmed and murded Dimitri was able to escape but barely he had dropped everything except the Parka he was wearing and ran for his life.

IC reason for character coming to Chistye Prudy? (One Para):
-After many months of Absence he had been Travelling station to station trying to get back with the TA he manages to get back to Exhibition seeing that every body has disappeared he continues his journey to find the TA and Jason. Few more months has past after the battle of tretty which he was lucky not to be a part of he continues his search unaware of their whereabouts he will sooner or later find them.

Items you wish to apply for on your character:
-Stalker Parka Novice, 1 filter and a backpack

Any Proof you may have of Existance (Screenshots, Diaries, Etc.):-
-Jason Malarov (PlasmaXlite)

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Dimitri Markovs character app Empty Re: Dimitri Markovs character app

Post  Brendin65 on Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:22 pm

Work on your grammar a little more... But other then that seems alright, I'll let Forester decide on this one.

Also, thank you for fixing it up.

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Dimitri Markovs character app Empty Re: Dimitri Markovs character app

Post  Guest on Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:08 pm

Other than the fact that you use run on sentences like they're candy on Halloween, approved, but you may only get a gasmask and filter. I'm sorry if this is too late.


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Dimitri Markovs character app Empty Re: Dimitri Markovs character app

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