First ever Server Update!

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First ever Server Update!

Post  Guest on Sun Sep 22, 2013 1:37 am

I've taken the liberty of adding two new clothings, fixing the nerfed ak-74s, and tweaking the essential needs mod a bit. I hope you guys will like the things I've changed.

Future hopes to add:
Slowing (signifigantly) progression of hunger/thirst
Reaching full hunger/thirst will kill you

New, Proper mutant NPCs (that don't generate insta-death headcrabs.)

It seems many people are opposed to the idea of thirst killing you. I'll look into slowing hunger, and having that kill you (seeing as food is much less scarse), however i'll either have to change the rarity of water, or not have thirst kill you. I'd love some input from you guys, tell me which you'd prefer.

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Re: First ever Server Update!

Post  Guest on Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:49 pm


If this gets implemented...

"Reaching full hunger/thirst will kill you" -Forrester 2013

Then you should at least place basic food/water in vendors (assuming they're going to be still there by then) because as of now, the population of the server who last the vital gear to scavenge properly are reliant wholly on the charity of strangers, now doesn't seem a little un-canon? Especially with a book/game series designed to show how fucking brutal Humanity is?


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