Insane-Aradia / Vice President Aradia Staff Application

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Insane-Aradia / Vice President Aradia Staff Application

Post  Guest on Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:43 pm

Vice President Aradia's Myrder Gaming Staff application.

Basic Information-

Steam name:
-Vice President Aradia

Steam ID:

What rank are you applying for?:
-I can do whatever, all up to you

Why do you wish to join the Myrder Gaming Team? (1 Para):
-Every server needs a large, active staff in order to make sure the server stays a place where players can enjoy themselves and not have to deal with minges and fail roleplay on their own. Admins and moderators are needed, simply enough, to keep things fun, yet serious. Simply enough, I'd like to moderate / administrate to help keep the server serious, yet enjoyable / fun. The more active staff, and the less chance of a minge or a fail roleplayer ruining the experience of a rule-abiding individual! It also takes the weight off of other admins, who may get frustrated by the amount of things they have to handle on a daily basis; by recruiting more staff, there is, well, more staff to handle issues. Plus, it is also great to help out!

Why should we choose you over the others whom applied? (1 Para):
-I have approximately 1393 hours in Garry's Mod and have been seriously roleplaying for around 3 years now. I have also moderated and administrated on other servers before. I also collaborated on a serious roleplay guide which can be found HERE. As you can see, I have experience in Garry's Mod serious roleplay, so much so that I assisted one of my other friends from a serious roleplay community in writing a comprehensive, detailed guide to assist new players. I am also the kind of person you want dealing with minges, as I am less of a ban first, ask questions later person, and instead like to pull off rule-breakers to a nice area so I can teach them the basics of roleplay, and then observe them after I finish their lesson. This does not mean I will not kick or ban people when they deserve it, it just means that I will first attempt to see if the player is an actual minge, and not just a new player.

As a Staff member here at MDG do you understand that you must attend staff related duties, such as being called for help, rather then continuing your RP?:
-Obviously. Keeping the server a safe and fun experience for players is more important then continuing your roleplay. Staff duties come first, as you can't just slack off and ignore reports because you are in some sort of intense roleplay moment.

As a staff member at MDG do you understand that we may revoke you rank with little or to no warning?:

Do you promise to show high levels of professionalism while staffing our community?:
-Of course.

Other Information-

GMT-05:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Hours available online:
-Weekdays, 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM (It all depends)
-Weekends, 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM (Like before, it all depends on my schedule and what time I have open.)

Previous staff experience, Please explain:
-Moderator on the shittiest FORP server ever made, but that is a long story of asspulling item whore administrators and extreme canon-breaking, which only survived due to being the only FORP up on the market at the moment with a playerbase.
-Moderated and administrated on various Garry's Mod servers, mainly moderator. A bit of super admin experience. I eventually left the servers due to their; deaths, loss of population, corrupt administration, etc.
-Owner of my own (short-lived) server.

Previous SeriousRP experience, Please list:
-I started out with FORP in 2010.
-I took various breaks in between, but stayed on certain servers for longer then others. I hopped a bit, back and forth.
-I started playing HL2RP in 2012.

Time with Myrder Gaming:
-Joined when first opened

Is English your first language?



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Re: Insane-Aradia / Vice President Aradia Staff Application

Post  Guest on Fri Oct 11, 2013 7:06 pm

The rule is two weeks and I have no knowledge of your previous activity on the server. Your forum account joined today, which is what I'm now judging the rule on. I'm sorry for that sudden change, but I'd forgotten that you could see peoples join dates. If I see you more active on the server, I will re-evaluate your application. For now, it is being locked. You will not have to re-write it, simply remind me to look at it in the future and I will unlock it.


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Re: Insane-Aradia / Vice President Aradia Staff Application

Post  Guest on Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:26 pm

You remind me too much of a guy named 'Ghost.'


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Re: Insane-Aradia / Vice President Aradia Staff Application

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