Trader Whitelist Suggestion?

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Trader Whitelist Suggestion?

Post  Guest on Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:18 pm

How about a Trader faction which is neutral to all factions and their main purpose is to sell and buy items. The last known economy for the Metro Tunnels. There should be 5 Tiers of traders which have to be worked on ICly.

**If This Works, May I Volunteer To become Trader Leader?**

Trial Trader (Tier One) : Just hired by the trader master and is only given supplies to sell common needs, e.g. Bandages, Medical Kits, Melee Weapons, Small Backpacks, Low class ammunition [Basic Warsaw Ammunition/Pistol/SMG],Common Clothing, Edible Items.

Common Trader (Tier Two) : Known by the station and is a good man. They have a larger inventory to sell items, e.g. Bandages, Medical Kits, Melee Weapons, Basic Sidearms and Basic SMGs [Warsaw], Small backpacks, Low class ammunition [Basic Warsaw Ammunition/Pistol/SMG] Common Clothing, Low Kevlar, Simple Gas-Masks, Edible Items.

Experienced Trader (Tier Three) : A Well known and liked man in general. They strictly follow the rules of trading and know the basics of cash and currency, e.g. Allowance to lend out money, Bandages, Moderate medical items, Melee Weapons, Moderate Sidearms and Moderate SMGs/Basic Rifles [Warsaw], Small/Medium Backpacks, Low-Mid Class ammunition, [Basic+Advanced Warsaw Ammunition/Pistol/SMG] Common and Moderate Clothing, Medium Kevlar, Simple and Moderate Gas-Masks, Edible Items.

Advanced Trader (Tier Four) : The man known as the basic economy and the supplier to stalkers. A man trusted by the leader and is given specific orders from him. He is known by the leader as a friend. He knows the ins and outs of money and trading, e.g. Allowance to lend out money, Allowance to sell NATO and Warsaw Weaponry, Advanced Medical Kits, Melee Weapons, Advanced Weaponry from both Warsaw and NATO, Advanced Backpacks, Near-Military Grade Ammunition, [Advanced Ammunition/From 9mm to 50Cal<(If told by leader to sell)], Advanced Clothing, Advanced Kevlar, Advanced Gas Mask Helmets, Non-Radiated Edible Items with Non-Perishable Foods.

Trader Leader(s) [ONLY 2 ALLOWED] : The man that is controlling the Economy by his hands, He is known as the government by the metro people. He can either supply stations, or let them die from starvation and no protection. He has a large class of weaponry and overall items in his possession,  e.g. Allowance to lend out money, Allowance to sell NATO and Warsaw Weaponry, Allowance to sell SPECIAL WEAPONS to stations [Bombs, Explosives] Advanced Medical items and a team of Doctors, Melee weapons, Advanced Weaponry from both NATO and Warsaw, Advanced Backpacks, Near-Military Grade Ammunition, [Advanced Ammunition/All] Advanced Clothing, Military-Grade Kevlar, Teams of Techs to customize armors, Advanced Gas Mask Helmets, Military Grade Rations.


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Re: Trader Whitelist Suggestion?

Post  Brendin65 on Sun Oct 13, 2013 8:43 pm


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