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Reich information

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The Nazis are a National Socialist faction in the Metro centered around the three main stations of Tverskaya, Chekhovskaya and Pushkinskaya which they dub "The Reich". However, they maintain numerous outposts and maintain a military presence in several outlying stations, possibly as an attempt at expansion as the Nazis are an imperialist faction. They are headed by one man, the Führer, and obey his every command (giving the impression of an authoritarian society). The Fourth Reich as a whole is split into three sections: the Nazis, its military, and the Reich itself


To completely understand the Nazis, it is important to understand their ideology. They formed their organization based on the Third Reich of Nazi Germany, however, it is not for German purity like it's predecessor, but rather for their Genetic Purity free of deformities. For example, anybody that has even the slightest deformity found in the Metro are considered a lower race and second class. However, another trait unique to the post-war world is the strict regulations they heavily emphasize. The Reich is always "improving" their standards. They want humanity to be rid of corrupt genes caused by radiation. If a person is missing two fingers or even a toe, the penalty is death. Recently, more strict standards are implemented such as height. The Reich's race and genetic standards cause many people living inside the Reich to become Refugees.

The Fuhrer

The Reich is a totalitarian-dictatorship society similarly to the Red line. As such, it is lead by one man - the Führer. What he says goes and any question to it usually results in execution. He enforces strict, anti-mutation, physical feature standards, on what it is to be a "Pure Human". It is common policy that if one of these features aren't perfect, you are considered a mutant and executed. In short, The Führer is a mirrored image of Nazi Germany's Hitler and he prefers this.


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