Samuel Becker [Character Sheet/Diary]

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Samuel Becker [Character Sheet/Diary]

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[Character Name]
[Samuel Becker]

[Character Picture]

[Character Theme]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -









[November 28, 2005]

[Hamburg, Germany]

+ [Emotionally Detached.]
+ [Extensive medical knowledge.]
+ [Ex-Ranger background.]

- [Emotionally Detached.]
- [Haunted by memories.]
- [He tries to save everyone.]


[STRENGTH]      [4]
[ENDURANCE]     [3]
[CHARISMA]       [3]
[AGILITY]          [4]
[LUCK]              [6]

[He's denounced all past history with the Redline. Anyone trying to talk to him about it will be met with silence and if they persist a blade.]

The Diary
Day 1
*This page has been ripped from it's bindings.*

Day 2

So I'm officially invited to Dice's wedding, it's good that we can still enjoy the little thing in life. Even after everything that's happened. I'm really happy for him too, Ana's a nice enough girl and I'm sure she'll keep him on a fine line. In any case I need to start trying to fine some champagne for the wedding. I'm hoping Ruben has found some by now, but I never know cause he sell almost everything he finds. Now that the surface is being opened up I'll have to accompany him up there and keep watch over him as he looks for more good to sell.

Now no matter how bad ass I looks, and the front I put up for people. Going to the surface scares the living shit out of me. I never know what's around every corner, if a demon is gonna fly by and pick me up and carry me away. Just going up there is a gamble on your life for something you may not even find. I should really look into getting a grenade of some kinda, cause if a demon is gonna pick me up and carry me to the heavens I'm gonna bring his ass with me to Hell.

On that note I did meet a girl named Emily yesterday, and don't get me wrong she's really nice. It's just I don't know if I can get intimate with her knowing that my next trip to the surface may very well be my last. I just don't know if I could do that to someone y'know? Just up and dying on them after we've become really close. I guess that should give me motivation to survive right? To live no matter what the cost? I guess we'll find out relatively soon won't we?

Well the rest of this day was one giant cluster fuck. Found my self wandering through the sewers looking for Jack and sure enough I find him, but so has 2 fucking Rhinos. It's not all gloom and doom though, we mopped the floor with those two fuckers. I helped Jack get back to a station and went on to Exhibition to update people on the situation in the sewers.

Apparently Exhibition got brand new showers today and well that's exactly what I needed after fighting two Rhinos. I didn't even take my clothes off, I just cut the water on and plopped my ass on the floor and let the warm water rush over me and take the Rhino blood out of my uniform. After a few moments I left to go let the Red's about what's down in the sewers. Emily decided to follow me back to Exhibition and well, I found a new use for showers. A few hours after that someone blew up a fucking train car and almost set the entire station on fire. Emily got caught in the smoke and I had to carry her out. By the time I got back in the fire was put out. Most people has evacuated the station and some pre-war system closed the fucking doors locking about ten of us out. Thank God that mutants didn't attack us while we were trapped outside Exhibition.

Once someone fixed the damn doors and I made sure everyone got back into the station fine, I set out to scout the sewers. After a few hours of scouting I found a random man's outpost, he said he's been living there for weeks. Not far from his post was an abandoned Reich outpost, there was a door there that looked like it lead to a nest of some kind. I then made my way back to Exhibition to report my finding.

On my way back Vas radioed me, and it sounded like he was in a bad way. I rushed to find and kept asking him to tell me where he was. Turns out he was by the Reich base, and had killed a Reich solider. I helped him get back to Exhibition where he told me about these nightmares he's been having. He's in love with this girl named Erica but still has feelings for his Gf who's been missing for a month. I told him it's best if he moves on, I just hope that he makes the right decision no matter what.

More drama shit, this girl I was talking to name Zoya said something about killing herself and I took it upon myself to help her out. So I take her back to my cabin and we talk about a bunch of personal shit. Than BAM! Emily walks in and now I sure she thinks something is up. But you know what, fuck it. I don't regret what I did cause I probably save someone's life.

On that note, this fucking guy who's been harassing girls molested me in the shower cause Dice paid him too. Well shortly after I stick my bayonet in his stomach and kicked the shit out of him. I left him on the floor bleeding out, if he hadn't covered me in his blood I'd have saved his life but I really needed to shower to get the blood out.

A while after that I had to talk Dice out of eating a fucking bullet. I mean why does everyone want to kill themselves today? Is it just fuck with Becker day or what? I've had my nerves and will tested all day and I'm still standing mother fuckers! I've exhausted all of my physical, emotional, and mental capabilities. I need to rest.

Well that Emily girl I was writing about earlier just fucked another guy. I mean seriously...
*The rest of the page is take up by three big bold underlined words*

I think it's day 16

I've made my trip to Polis and back to Central, everything went fine with that. Still kinda hung up on the fact that the kid I was supposed to have died. A lot of people are leaving this area hoping to find an easier life and I might be leaving soon as well. This place just gives me so many bad memories of everything that's happened and Polis doesn't seem like such a bad place after a week of being there. I missed Dice's wedding and I'm really sad that I did. Zoya's friend tried to kill herself and I did everything I could to save her and she's still alive because of it, I'm damn good at my job. I was told Emily was dead but it turns out she's still alive, we had a huge fight in Exhibition right before I left for Polis, I haven't seen her since, I'm not even sure if she's alive anymore. It's been one helluva last month and I hope I can survive long enough for it to improve. I just gotta keep fighting a little longer and everything will be okay, or it won't.

It's Day 25 I think

It's getting bad, we moved stations again. I'm glad to be back where everything started, where I started to make a name for myself. I regret not helping Emily make her move over as well. It's with a heavy heart I write this next part but... Emily didn't make the move, she was taken down by some mutants last I heard. I can't say it's gonna be easy moving on, but hell something wants me to keep going so I guess I have to. One a slightly less depressing note I was captured by the Reich because of Jason. That little fucker can't do one thing right, I mean how hard is it to shoot a gun? I didn't tell him he had to kill anyone just to fire his weapon. I mean what did I expect right? My luck had to run out sometime, I guess I may fulfilled my purpose in the tunnels. Or maybe my time to do what I was kept alive to do is slowly coming to it's peak. Ranger Emily came back, I think she might be tied into it but I don't fucking know. Every time she's around me she calls me a coward, I thought about running my mouth to her but I'm not that stupid. Dima told me he and her kinda had a thing and I'd hate to see him lose it cause I took a few shots at her. Speaking of people tied into it my brother finally found me after months of searching, we've caught up on everything since we last saw each other. Think he has anything to do with it? I'm sure he does. I just wish what little time I may have left on this planet will mean something, I don't want to have lived through everything I have just to be taken down by a mutant. I mean that would be one shitty end to this fucked up story of a life. My luck still stands though, I got captured by a few Reich and my life was spared. I've never seen a group of more pissed off people than when I walked out of that place. Me, Patzev, and Jason all got released from Reich custody cause Alexi took a damned Unteroffizer hostage. I still haven't thanked them for the scar they left on my left eye, I might go do that sometime soon. Before then I need to talk to Svet, I though about making a move on her but I don't know if she even likes me. I could always ask her to dinner right? Do some gentlemanly shit? I still have a lot to decide on, I think I'm gonna rest for now.

Day 26 *A few tear drops stain the page*

I'm starting to find it harder and harder to continue on. I'm finding myself thinking more and more of those we've lost. I mean everyone, it doesn't matter how well I knew them I miss them. I feel like I've lost most of my family and need to find a way to move on, these last few days have been really depressing for me. I haven't seen anyone I know, I mean not a single friendly face. Not Jason, not Karina, not Gunther. Lukyan has completely vanished, Dice and Ana are gone and I'm missing all of them more than ever. Ruben, I don't even know what in the hell happened to him. Jack's gone, never thought I'd miss him. Val disappeared, she wasn't nice to me but still I'm missing her being around. I'm really missing Emily, I miss her so much more than I ever have. If I had the chance to bring her back I would, I'm really regretting not being able to protect her, not when she was killed, not when she was shot and lost Junior. I'm finding it amazing how I can save all of these people, but not the ones that keep me sane, that give me a reason to keep going.... I miss everyone so much.

Day 27

We had a fucking earthquake, are you serious? I mean we're so far north I'm sure the fucking Polar Bears felt it. Anyways shortly after there was and explosion in the tunnels and it looks like a caravan fell victim to the quake. Dime got impaled by a pipe and someone other than me had to save him. But of course I was the only with supplies to help him recover. Since Ruben's passing I've decided to start running the stations bar, it's been doing okay so far. Not a lot of customers though. Wish I could find someone to sell me ammo and filters but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen anytime soon. Patzev finally came back today, Vas and Jason too. Thank god they're back cause I thought I was about to fucking lose it being all alone. Not gonna try and get close to anyone anymore, it seems like every time I do they die, or worse they disappear and I never know what their fate is. That's the worst part... is not knowing.... I'd rather find out someone is dead than just them being missing, it leave so many other possibilities to what happened to them.

I just found out that Vas ran his mouth at Jason, like we all haven't lost someone. So yeah, it's offcial, Vas lost Scorch, to what? I'm not sure, he didn't bother to tell me and I didn't care to ask. So after all that Jason was upset an crying, I had to talk to him and man him the fuck up. I got tired of watching everyone walk all over the kid and he wouldn't eve stand up and defend himself. I think I managed to talk him into fighting Vas, at least I got that much out of him. He needs to learn how to fucking stand up for himself, for the ones he loves. That's all I got for now, I'm gonna take a fucking nap.

Day 28

So I'm starting to finally lose it, I think I'm walking in my sleep. I woke up this morning in the Station Guard Armory, and I had carved 'Emily' into my helmet. I'm really starting to miss her, and Junior. This place is really starting to depress me more and more, I'm really glad I have friends like Patzev and Vas around. I'm not sure how long that's gonna last though, I started compiling a list of everyone we've lost and it's getting longer than it should. The names of everyone we've lost... Ruben, Emily.... Fucking Lukyan's even dead. Everyone I've ever wanted to protect and keep safe is dead. I miss them so much, and if I could, I'd trade places with them any minute of any day.

On an off note I got up on the train today and read a few notes up there. It's really depressing to see what others are going through along side me. I feel bad for this Nayomi Yuki girl, and the guy that left her, I'm sure he had his reason but reading the note he left about making the "biggest mistake in the world" brought me to tears. Not cause I care for her, but cause I may have make the biggest mistake by letting Emily make the move on her own. Maybe I'll get in contact with this Nayomi girl, make sure she's still alive at least. Gives me somthing to focus on for a while at least, I hope she's okay for the most part. I think I'm gonna lie down for a while and think on everything, I'll write more later.

So I saved a Redline's ass at the cost of a bullet grazing my arm. Fucking two Reich and both managed to get away, but I got one of their guns. It took a lot out of me to see Vas making progress with the ladies by being all sad and depressed, while I'm out there saving lives and shit. My charm and luck is wearing off. The Redline I saved decided to quit right after I saved him, which is a really bad idea. I feel like I wasted my time trying to save him from the Reich, the Redline are just gonna find him and kill him. I'm watching Svet and Vas throw knives at a wall, I'm gonna go walk for a bit to calm my mind.

Day 35

An explosion rocked me outta my bed earlier today. I rolled out grabbing my gear when I see Hyane come rushing into the door way of my cabin. Gunshots echoed through the station, I could hear people screaming for help. I asked Hyane what the hell was going on and he just stared at me for a what felt like an eternity before he let the words slip from his mouth. War. The gunshots picked up in the station, and if it wasn't a war it damn near sounded like one. So I loaded my rifle, pulled the charging handle back and jogged off after Hyane. Down at the base of the ramp I could see it, bodies lying everywhere. Some station guard, some just plain dwellers, lying in agony, bleeding out or already dead. Nothing in my entire skill set could save anyone of those poor souls. So I moved to the wall for cover, and Hyane told me it was the Reich that attacked the station, so I agreed to help. Pressed against the wall I started to look for any of my buddies who I could either help get to safety or that would help me fight. On the far wall, across the gap between the main one and the rail car cabin's I saw Lukyan, standing tall firing against the Reich, Ruben was laying prone, he machine gun blasting away at the Reich. I moved to the edge of the wall to help them, and I couldn't do much. It seemed like the Reich didn't even know they existed, no one was firing at them, only at me. So I tucked behind cover, blindly firing around the corner with my Kalash. One magazine empty, then two. I was down to my last mag, I decided to not waste it, but if worst came to worst I'd make it count. Then I see him, Mario just in a rage shooting everyone, Reich, Red it didn't matter. He was cutting them down like it was everyone against him, he pushed to the Station Guard room. Once he got inside I didn't see him for a while there after. The tides were turning as Mario pushed I moved forward and took cover behind my bar. That's where I sat for the remainder of the battle. I kept looking at the Station Guard room, for any signs that Tret still had a fighting force. For a while no one emerged from the room, not Mario, not a Reich, not a Red. No one. Once the fighting had ceased I stood up, from behind my bar to see the most horrid and confusing trick my mind had played on me as some sick joke. There, laying dead in the middle of the station were the three people I had cared about the most. Ruben, face down in a pool of blood with his machine gun on the ground next to him. Lukyan, on his side, bullets riddled his entire chest area, Kalash still in his arms. Then, the worst of it all. Emily, laying dead in between Luke and Ruben. I ducked back behind the bar and just waited, for what I wasn't sure anymore. Friends? Help? Death? I'm still not sure anymore, but to this day I'm still waiting.

I've moved on, away from Trety and the front lines. Away from all the fighting. I packed my gear, and left a note for anyone who survived. I've moved on to a safer place, a better station where the constant threat of dying wasn't a daily thing.

And of the note you ask? What could it have possibly said?

*A note lies on the bed, in the bullet riddled cabin of Samuel Becker.*

To whoever is left.

I've moved on from this hell hole. I've moved on to better days and hopefully a safer life. I wish all of you the best of luck and hope you'll survive long enough to see me again down the road. But sadly it will be far down the road, for I am not leaving my location with this note. If you're wondering why, it's cause I don't want anyone looking for me. I don't want anyone dying while trying to find me. However much I am needed, however much you think I could save the day... don't seek me out. All we've lost over these past couple of months has hit me hard. If I want to find you, I'll seek you out. Those of you in the Rangers I know most will be returned to Polis or moved to a different base or post. To Mario, Jason, Svet and any others who move of their own free will. If I need you that bad, I'll find you.

          I wish all of you the best.
                  -Samuel 'Dok' Becker

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Re: Samuel Becker [Character Sheet/Diary]

Post  Guest on Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:33 am

I love it 6 out of 1 cabbage for you!!


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Re: Samuel Becker [Character Sheet/Diary]

Post  Guest on Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:37 am

I'm either posting this for nothing...

Or I'm setting one of my old characters up for an event once we get the MetroRP up, cause the way that poll is looking... Damn.

Event: Becker's Back!

I have no details for the event, or what day or time it will take place. But just so you kids can rest easy at night, Becker will make a return to this new server. Maybe on launch day, maybe a month from then, who knows?

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Re: Samuel Becker [Character Sheet/Diary]

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I will be waiting Smile


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11/10 Somalian Starving Children

Post  Guest on Sun Aug 11, 2013 12:30 pm

I miss the old server and I want this to continue, I'm so pumped to RP as Dima again bounce 


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Re: Samuel Becker [Character Sheet/Diary]

Post  Guest on Wed Aug 14, 2013 4:21 am

Day 42

It's been a week since I left Trety, my old home now a distant memory. This journey I've begun to find peace is progressing slower and slower. It took me a week to get to Polis from Trey, normally a journey that would have only taken a day or two. I walked into the station and slowly made my way to the nearest bar. I took a seat, removed a cup and bottle from my ruck placing them on the table. A few moments pass by and a familiar face shows up. Karina.

She said my name like she couldn't believe who she was seeing. She asked if it was me, I shook my head and told her no, but her and all her infinite wisdom knew it was me. So she hugged me, sat down and we talked. Well I drank and talked, but she couldn't drink. She was somewhere around like five months pregnant with Jason's kid. It didn't shock me and she kept asking if I'd give her an examination. I kept politely refusing, 'cause I know Polis has plenty of competent doctors that could help her way more than I could. She thought she'd heard someone say Jason's name and her eyes just filled with tears. She was obviously heart broken since Jason was reported as Missing in Action.

After a few drinks I had packed the bottle and cup away, preparing for my leave when she asked me to stay. I gave her the most confused look in the world, and told I couldn't. I could tell she didn't want to be alone but nothing I could do would help her. So I stayed the night in Polis, rented a cot and got a few hours of sleep. When I woke I gave myself an hour to get ready and leave. After that hour was up, I was back out in the tunnels, continuing my journey alone. I have no idea where my next stop will be, or if I'll see a friendly face there. If I should decide to end my journey and find a good place to settle down, I hope it's a place full of strangers who wouldn't know me from the darkness in the tunnels.

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Keep it up! :)

Post  Guest on Wed Aug 14, 2013 7:12 pm

Very interesting read. Cant wait for more.
And Jason is in Polis now too bad he didn't get there in time to meet Dok.


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Re: Samuel Becker [Character Sheet/Diary]

Post  Guest on Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:55 am

Day 45

Through triumph and tragedy I feel like I've found my new home. After leaving Polis I made my way through the Metro tunnels, tagging along with caravans just for the safety of numbers. Even the smartest man knows, being alone in this world is enough to get you killed. And while I've had my moments where I wanted to turn the gun on myself, I keep it pointed outward, towards anything that comes for me. If I'm going to die down here, I'd rather it be fighting than just taking an easy way out. So I continue onwards, through these darkening tunnels. This caravan I've tagged along with has some people greener than the shit sprouting on the surface. I'm almost certain if push came to shove they'd turn tail and run... I guess it's a good thing I'm pulling rear guard most of the way. Anyways, we arrive at this run down looking station and it's in a bad way when we get there. The station was under attack.... so I did what I do best.


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Re: Samuel Becker [Character Sheet/Diary]

Post  Guest on Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:43 pm

Yo, so uh.. where's the part about you when you took a bullet to your foot (I Think) From Selix :trollface:


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Re: Samuel Becker [Character Sheet/Diary]

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