Metro 2033 Release date and Information.

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Metro 2033 Release date and Information.

Post  Slaewaek on Sun May 01, 2016 5:53 am

Hello all, I decided that I will eventually re make the Metro2033 game mode for Serious RP.

Script: Nutscript.

Gamemode: Metro2033.

Server IP: {Current closed for development.}

Release date: Hopefully the end of the month, the possible dates are - May 27th, Friday. - OR - June 3rd, Friday. {These dates could be extended to a later time. This is the goal I am setting for myself and the community.}

Current staff:

Brendin - Owner.
Frost - Owner
PlasmaXlite - Admin
DoubleDamages - N/A

Any recommendation will be much appreciated.


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