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Primer's Server Application {ACCEPTED} Empty Primer's Server Application {ACCEPTED}

Post  Primer on Fri May 27, 2016 7:29 pm

<Primer's Server Application>

~OOC Information

Steam name - samsansregret

Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:60216694

Profile Link -

Age - 16

Your serious RP experience - I have been RolePlaying for about over 3 years now and I have planned on many different communities, the main one I played was Adamant Gaming's Clone Wars (Owner shut it down)

How were you referred to us?-
I was looking through my friendlist and clicked on Jayden's profile, I wanted to check what he was playing and noticed it was a MetroRP, I just got out of a dying Metro community and wanted a new server

By writing this application you understand and agree to all of our rules, wether it be on the forums or server. You also understand that your character can be removed from the server, or the community as a whole, with little to no warning. (Within reason)

Do you understand the above? If so, please state you do.- Yes I do.

~Character Information

Name - Vassily Pomolov

Age- 28

Faction (Ex. Dweller, Reich, Redline ect.)- Dweller

Faction rank (Ex. Cpt. Civilian, Ufw, etc.)- Civilian

Faction MOS (Ex. Civilian doctor, engineer, demolition, etc.)- Mapper

Equipment (Ex. A revolver, Stalker suit, Kalash, ect.)- Basic mapping equipment, rusty pre-war combat knife, Metro-made Revolver,

Special skills / Knowledge (Ex. Hand to Hand combat training, Advanced medical knowledge, etc.)- Ability to draw highly detailed maps of the Metro tunnels (No surface)

Character Reasoning for becoming one of the listed factions. (One Paragraph - Seven sentences. (This does not include civilian factions. Such as Dweller.))

Character Backstory. (At least 2 paragraphs - Seven sentences per paragraph.)-
Vassily was born on 2005 to a somewhat wealthy family, his father was a geograph and was using sattelites and common methods to draw maps of the Siberian territories for private Petrolleum Companies, Vassily liked to accompany his father on his trips into the wilderness of the russian territory where they would be camping and mapping together. His mother was an Art teacher in a college in Moscow, she would be later fired due to budget cut caused by the Near-War hostilities. Once the bomb fell, his family were one of the first to cross the gates and enter the metro, they would later find themselves to stay in the sation of Kourskaya where his father would be hired by the Hansa to do trading trips with nearby neutral stations and also note the shortcuts and caved in tunnels. Vassily used to accompany his father once more when he was about 15.

His father taught him how to draw detailed maps with a series of drawing codes and different kind of lines and their meanings, Vassily would draw his first map of the surrounding of his Home Station at 17 though no one bought it since his father already made a few before him. On his next travels with his father, he used to note every little 'unnatural' changes to the tunnels caused by the bombs above. At 18, his father had a job to go trade with the Arbat Confederation, the young man never really got away from the Hansa territory except the surronding Neutral Stations. He only knew one thing, the Capitalism of the Hansa, on their travel they met quite a few people, going from common slavs to arabic looking and Western Caucasians that were speaking with a strange accent that he never heard before. They stoped in Plochtchad Revolioutsii wich was a Red Line territory. The cultural and social differences made him open his eyes, the metro wasn't only a single, united capitalist community, but a lot of different minds rulling over stations like if it was kingdoms. They had no trouble getting through as the Communist Station was in good term with the nerby Hansa due to trading. Next stop was Polis, the bright lights and the countless books in huge libraries made he rethink about what was left from the other world, the one before the war, where the  warm sun would brighten their lives. They soon left Arbatskaya to head toward Smolenskaya, the Arbat's closest station. The tunnel was in bad shape and there was a lot of holes in the walls leading to dark emptyness, he wondered what could be hiding in the dark, a canned food stache? A Pre-War bunker? A weapon cache or just a mutant's nest? He realized that if no one ventures those unknown back tunnels and map them, treasures would never be found. On his way back to his home station, his father bought him a brand new pad with a lot of clean sheets of paper and a few pencils, he also bought him a Combat Knife, knowing that one day, he couldn't stop his son from following his own path. His father died two years later of an infection and lack of medicine to treat him, his mother soon died after from a rat invasion coming from Baumanskaya. Vassily lost everyone he cared for, all that he had left were memories and the pencils and papers his dad gave him. He left his station the following year, wandering the metro while drawing maps and noting dangerous paths and sells them to the highest bidder where he would eventualy run into a psychic anomaly and would hear the 'pipes' talking to him, he would soon black out and wake up in a dark tunnel, his flashlight would have dissapeared. He then saw four lights coming toward him. 3 rangers and a man would stop near him, one of the ranger, Neumanko, aproached him and asked him what he was doing here in the dark. Vassily would tell him that he was mapping when he heard voices and
then blacked out. Vassily stayed in the station of VDNKh for a while, long enough to witness the first "Dark Ones" encounters, he would soon start to hear voices wich would slowly fade his sense of reality, beleiving things he would've never believed before. The voices led him back to Kourskaya, his home station and stayed there for a while. The voices seemed to stop and the man was finally at peace, untill...

Once more, the dark and faded voices in his head reappears, telling him to head south of the Hansa Ring, toward the Unknown tunnels in search of a station called Kolomenskaya.


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Primer's Server Application {ACCEPTED} Empty Re: Primer's Server Application {ACCEPTED}

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I'll just put this here....



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