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Post  Richard Adam on Fri May 27, 2016 9:16 pm

<(Richard Adam Server Application>

~OOC Information

Steam name -[TJR]|1944RPG|Burning

Steam ID -STEAM_0:1:2331414

Profile Link -

Age -17

Your serious RP experience -2 Years I was in Danger Kills Gaming which was MRP but then they closed around 6 month Then I went to zeta community which was an SSTRP server then I went onto calling of heroes TRP and SSTRP.

How were you referred to us?-Brendin And Frost

By writing this application you understand and agree to all of our rules, whether it be on the forums or server. You also understand that your character can be removed from the server, or the community as a whole, with little to no warning. (Within reason)

Do you understand the above? If so, please state you do.-I understand.

~Character Information

Name -Adolf Karlheinz


Faction (Ex. Dweller, Reich, Redline ect.)-Civillan

Faction rank (Ex. Cpt. Civilian, Ufw, etc.)-Civillan

Faction MOS (Ex. Civilian doctor, engineer, demolition, etc.)-Demolition

Equipment (Ex. A revolver, Stalker suit, Kalash, ect.)-Stalker suit,Kalash,Weapon flashlight,Revolver,Karambit and a pistol holster.

Special skills / Knowledge (Ex. Hand to Hand combat training, Advanced medical knowledge, etc.)-Kickboxing,Jiu-Jitsu,wrestling and Doug Marcaida

Character Reasoning for becoming one of the listed factions. (One Paragraph - Seven sentences. (This does not include civilian factions. Such as Dweller.))

Character Backstory. (At least 2 paragraphs - Seven sentences per paragraph.)-Adolf Karlheinz was born in 1975 he was born into a kind and caring family.And Heinz grew till the age of 13 in 2000.But 1 day 4 robbers broke into his fathers home the 4 robbers kill his parents and he witness it from a closet he told himself he will have his revenge agianst the 4 robbers that killed his parents.Then Heinz was brought into a orphanage but still with the feelings to have his revenge.When he was the age of 14 2001 he studied very hard to get a very good grades and find a place to train Martial arts.And he found the perfect Gym to train. He first train in Kickboxing then he went on to train in Jiu-Jitsu until the age of 15 2002 and worked a part time job.After he got enough cash he went to indonesia to have a vacation and he bought a karambit for himself. He then came back to the orphanage and gave the 100k for them to support then other children that lost their family or have been abandoned. He the got his black belt in the age of 17 2003He then went to migrate in the U.S and then he went to Train in wrestling until the age of 18 2004.After training he used up all his cash to buy a house then he went to find a full time job.He worked until the age of 19 2005 then he continued to hone his skills in kick boxing,Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling.

  Once he honed his skill he went to take competitions in kickboxing,wrestling and jiu-jitsu He has 30 wins 0 losses he then went to train on an philippines called Doug Marcaida but it took him 5 years to understand how they use their martial arts he trained until the age of 22 2008 then he went on for competitions agian and has 35 wins and 1 losses. He lost to 1 person in Thailand because he made a mistake but letting his guard down and got kicked to the side of his head and lost. Then he continued to train and hone his skills till the age of 24 2010.He then went on to train on demolition on how to make improvised bombs and grenades till the age of 26 2012.Then he build and nuclear bunker and stocked up food and water and a suit with a gasmask until the age of 27 2013.When he woke up he turn on his tv while brushing his teeth then the emergency broadcast showed and the nuclear sirens when he heard it he quickly grabbed 2 bags from the closet and puts in his revolver ammunition the kalash weapons flashlight and his karambit and the suit and the kalash ammo.He brought phone his wallet his photo of his family and went down to his nuclear bunker.Then he heard 4 people above trying to break in so he grabbed 2 of his bag and went to a hiding spot.When they broke in he saw 4 people. With the same voice the last time when his parents died.He went out in rage grabbing the karambit slicing everyone of them down to the ground thats where his adventure still continues...

Richard Adam

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Richard Adam app {ACCPETED} Empty Re: Richard Adam app {ACCPETED}

Post  Slaewaek on Fri May 27, 2016 9:25 pm


Kick boxing and jui jitsu....


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