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Post  Frost on Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:12 am

We don’t know where it came from… It’s been two months since the epidemic began, the server takes place somewhere in the country near Colorado in late October 2013. Recent events have rendered the military useless, forcing them to merge with what was at the time known as “The Survivors” forming a new group known as “The Survivalists”. Your goal is to survive amongst the dead, and adapt to the new world as either one of us… or one of them. With the rise of infected from local towns, and highly populated cities; there are scattered reports of what we know as “Herds.” these herds consist of large groups of infected, usually numbering in the hundreds, but if you think they’re the real threat… You’re wrong. Bandits are on the rise, doing what /they/ want, collecting what /they/ want making the world what can only be described as a legitimate “Lawless-Land” for themselves. After many botched attempts by the military to quarantine the infected had failed, they fell into isolation- limiting interaction with survivors and infected alike… This soon lead to their downfall, as a mystery infection began to wipe out the remnants of the U.S Military.


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