Sage 'Duckie' Wilson [ Character Sheet & Journal]

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Sage 'Duckie' Wilson [ Character Sheet & Journal]

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Updated 03/10/13

[Character Name]

Sage 'Duckie' Wilson

[Character Picture]

[Character Theme]





5 Feet 0 Inches

110 pounds



April 9th, 2019


+ Loyal follower
+ Quick learner
+ Good with weapons

- Extremely emotional
- Can't take control of any situation
- Dysfunctional

-Father / Shaun 'Xavier' Wilson
-Mother / Kelly Wilson

Sage 'Duckie' Wilson, a 15 year old girl who lives in Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands. She received her nickname from her father when she was just a kid, kind of a pet name if you will, her father called her Duckie because of her love for swimming, and for her love of Ducks, yet she has never seen a duck, only has been told of them. Her parents lost in their travels into Germany, a few kilometers away from Enschede. She has no older siblings, and no family that lives in Enschede. Sage seems to be all alone in this world, or is she?


Duckie's Journal

Day 1
It is as if I have been wondering for ages... but the scenery never changes, faces never change of the people I see every time I wonder these streets.. I can't seem to keep a level head, can't stop thinking about the worse, the worsest things that could have happened, happened to my parents, they've been gone for little over two months now, father left a note saying they would be back in a couple of days, they had only gone to Germany which isn't that far from where we live here in Enschede. But still to this day I wonder the streets in hopes of seeing their faces again, to see their smiles, it never happens. I still continue on with my everyday life, eating, trying to find some kind of work, chores the normal things to try and keep myself busy, it doesn't always keep it out of my head, knowing there's something incredibly wrong, I've cried myself to sleep for the past month, my eating habits have become horrible, my complexion has become paler and people look at me as if I could be a goner any day now..  It's as if they know life, something no one knows a single thing about, the one thing I'm scared of most, life, something I no longer care for because everyday grows lonelier. What am I supposed to do? I have the feeling of worthlessness and the feeling I have no meaning. I don't know if I can live like this anymore..

Day 2
The landlord stopped by today, I pretended I wasn't home, but she left a note it said "I'm sorry to say this Duckie but, you need to leave this home, you can't pay rent, and nor are you old enough to be on your own, there will be a nice family stopping by tonight around 5:00pm to meet you, they want you to be part of their family, I hope you're doing okay and all is well." I don't know how to feel about this, I've read the note over and over trying to figure out how I should feel, and if I should feel anything at all about this. I know it isn't right for me to be on my own, but mother and father will be home soon, and they'll pay the rent and it'll be all okay... right? I think I'll just pack some things and leave, go looking for my parents, they'll know that I'll go looking for them, and once we're all together again, everything will be okay... Mother always knows best.. so what if they left because it was best for me? What if they left because they no longer wanted me, they no longer love me... There's only one way to find out, to go look for them, and ask them myself, tomorrow I will leave and start looking for them. "It's going to be alright" I kept telling myself, remember everything happens for a reason..

Day 3
The sky is becoming darker with the clouds turning a darkened grey as it starts to get colder as I head north on Korte Hengelosestraat toward Stationsplein making my way to Munster, Germany where my parents said they were going, I still haven't seen anyone on this highway, not one person, not even an animal. Everything's silent, too silent like there must of been something that had disturbed everything, but what? I must be dreaming because everything I see looks so unrealistic, like Death swiped across the land and killed everything in it's path. I feel so unwelcomed walking this highway, it doesn't help that there's a storm beginning to come alive with this all I can think of doing is to continue walking, to continue my search for my parents who might not even be alive anymore, and that my goal is to keep pushing forward and learn what had happened to them. Maybe I'll bump into someone that might have seen them..  

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Journal Entry

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Day 4
I've reached Munster, Germany, and I still haven't seen a single person on my travels. The days are becoming much colder, and much more doubtful.. Today's the day I'll go in search for a weapon to protect myself on this lonesome journey, I think I will go to Dortmund to the Yildrim Supermarket for food supplies and than make my way to a gun shop somewhere in Dortmund, it shouldn't be too difficult.. should it?

Xavier's Thought's
Everyday, since I lost my wife to those pathetic wastes of what should be a human, I can't stop thinking about my daughter, Duckie, what has come of her? Is she okay? Where is she? Did she come looking for us?.. Today I will make my way through Dortmund, back to Enschede, to look for my daughter and explain everything to her.


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