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Post  Guest on Fri Sep 13, 2013 3:09 pm

< Hyane's Character Transfer Application >

Basic Information >

Steam Name:

Steam ID:

Time with Myrder-Gaming:
Since the start (I think)

OOC Reason for you to have your character back (One Para):
Well Hyane was my character since early in UEN, and (somehow) stayed alive for about 2 OOC month until the server shut down. His story remains "unfinished" I guess and just leaving off as "the end of UEN killed him" is kind of a shit way to die. Other than just the story I like the friendships he's made, and I just like playing with his idgaf attitude. Anyway coming up with a new character is just, eww.

Character Information >

Character name:
Hyäne Fleischer

Character Back story (One Para):
Having always been fascinated by the medical field Hyäne thought of how wondrous it would be to one day become a doctor. His chances were found, in the Red Line as a combat medic for an entire battalion stationed in Riga. He was placed on every patrol being the only medic and soon found himself in many confrontations that challenged his body, but more so his mind. After a while within the Red Line the once eager and excited Hyäne was now only focused on doing what he had to do, nothing more nothing less.

IC reason for character coming to Chistye Prudy? (One Para):
With the slowly growing tensions between the Reich and Red Line more forces were being sent to other stations. A message was received that the High commanding officer of a far reaching station had been killed during a raid and a new one was needed immediately. Hyäne offered to go and was given everything he would need for the trip to the foreign station. He slid down his EOD helmet and boarded the cart, closing his eye and waiting to reach the station.

Items you wish to apply for on your character:
EOD suit (reenforced) , Abzats, minor medical gear

Any Proof you may have of Existence (Screenshots, Diaries, Etc.):Multiple people in Myrder Gaming can vouch for his existence since the Diaries have been deleted


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Hyane Transfer app Empty Re: Hyane Transfer app

Post  Guest on Sat Sep 14, 2013 8:25 pm

Pretty good app. Pretty good character.


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Hyane Transfer app Empty Re: Hyane Transfer app

Post  Brendin65 on Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:42 am

Hyane Transfer app 2jbtf0n

Your EOD gear can be return, and minor medical gear.

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Hyane Transfer app Empty Re: Hyane Transfer app

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