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< Bodashka Brodsky Character Transfer Application >

Basic Information >

Steam Name: Vladable

Steam ID: (Steamguard is being a jerk)

Time with Myrder-Gaming: Pretty much since it started.

OOC Reason for you to have your character back (One Para): Bodashka is one of my most developed characters I have had in serious rp. I started him on TNB STALKER rp as a standard military soldier, but later in omega-nine I moved him as a loner. I kept him there for a bit till I found out about UEN, on UEN I probaly got the most development ever on just this character. The reason why I would like Bodashka to be returned to MG is he is a well hearted person and not like most who will just tell you to go away. This character will also be helping out new dwellers from time to time with the basics of surviving in the moscow metro underground.

Character Information >

Character name: Bodashka Brodsky

Character Back story (One Para): I was born outside the metro, in a country known as Berlin. 3 years before the bombs dropped and reduced our earth to rubble. My father had found a new job outside Berlin when I was 2. The job was in his home city of Moscow. Being in Berlin for a bit I did not develop much of a German accent, at all really. The year went by normally in Moscow, my family lived happily in the medium sized apartment which we stayed in for about a year, till it happened...

Around 4 months later my father was packing away some equipment into a suitcase while my mother was doing the same thing, this time with important things such as clothing, pictures, and non-perishables. My father held the two suitcases and my mother held me as we began to rush to the door to the Moscow Metro System. Being my age I did not understand a single thing going on, besides having the screaming of terror from other citizens heading for the metro door ringing in my ears. As I looked over my mothers shoulder I saw the smoke of nukes firing near the city, this would be the last I would see of my old city.

5 years later, my family has traveled to a station known as Riga. I was 8 around this time so I helped my father with simple work around the station, his line of work was help repair the carts that came through the station. I assisted my mother in sweeping up a family friends trading stall. The work was simple and the owner payed us for the assistants. This was as simple as we were ever going to get...

10 years later... I noticed my father just finishing up repairs on a standard metro cart. I approached him and began to ask about the destination the carts are going. He came out from the bottom of it and told me.
(Chat log to make it Simplier)

Vladimir Brodsky: These carts lead to the other stations, some carrying supplies and some just used for transportation.
Bodashka Brodsky: Have we been in Riga ever since we came to the metro?
Vladimir Brodsky nods.
Bodashka Brodsky: I see... well do these carts need guards? Maybe I could do the work for some additional pay.
Vladimir Brodsky lightly chuckles and says, "You are going to need a weapon, and the guts to do the job." He says this in a joking matter.
Bodashka Brodsky: I am not joking.
Vladimir Brodsky gets his normal stern look.
Vladimir Brodsky: Well... if you are going to be a guard *He begins to turn around to the stall section*
We better get you equipped.

He guided me to the stations main trading area, as we arrived we walked up to my fathers friend who did normal cart deals.
(Another Chat Log Looking Thing)

Vladimir Brodsky: Vitaly, I am in need of a new firearm.
Vitaly: Ah, needing a upgrade from that Ak I see.
Vladimir Brodsky: No actually, I need it for my son.
Vitaly looks over to Bodashka who is standing next to Vladimir
Vitaly: So what do you want for the boy?
Vladimir Brodsky: A standard Bastard Gun, with some magazines.
Vladimir Brodsky lightly nudges Bodashka to put some bullets onto the table.
Bodashka Brodsky gets back to normal attention and nods, he places some magazines on the table.
Vitaly: Ah, a couple years savings.
Bodashka Brodsky nods.
Vitaly goes to the back of the counter, taking off some magazines and what appears to be a newish looking Bastard Gun.
Bodashka Brodsky picks the gun up its handle and begins to inspect it.
Vitaly: Put that to good use!
The two walk away.

I now have a gun, after that my father stopped by another trader who gave me a standard Leather Jacket suit, and a backpack. Tommorow... will be my first day as a guard.

I woke up the next day, peeking at my lamp I got up and saw that it was very early for this caravan. Grabbing my bastard and some magazines, I began to head to the caravan area. Which of course was booming all the time. A man, looking in his late 40's and wearing a normal black trenchcoat said my name. I turned around and he approached asking if I was Bodashka the new guard. I nodded to this and he told me to follow him to the cart. As I approached the cart I made out 2 more men, each about the same age as me and carrying the same firearm as I did. I seemed to be the best equipped though cause they wore standard dweller clothing. We all got into the caravan and began to head for the station which the supplies were being moved to.

I kept up with this line of work for another year till I wanted to head to the station known as expedition (Going into UEN Story). Seeing as though this is going to be my last job and my last chance, I told my family about it. Since I was around 20 at this time they brought out a thing of shroom vodka. They had a small toast to me and I got out of the chair, getting in the cart for my last job. And possibly my last glimpse at Riga.

IC reason for character coming to Chistye Prudy? (One Para): A couple weeks before the station came under attack by the Nazis on UEN, Bodashka was getting ready to leave the station. Meeting a trader who had a rail cart told him the only stations that he was going to visit that accepted normal people was Chistye Prudy. Bodashka agree'd to this and payed the fare. Seeing as though it was going to be a long trip, he saw that he for the first part of it he was going to have to ride in the storage compartment. After riding like this for a couple hours his travel consisted of more carts rides and a walking trip till he arrived at the stations doors and being let into it. (Could not think of anything at this part)

Items you wish to apply for on your character: Standard Metro Ak, 2 magazines, standard protective gear (Old UEN Model).

Any Proof you may have of Existance (Screenshots, Diaries, Etc.):-


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Bodashka Character Move 2jbtf0n

Ak47 and one magazine.

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Bodashka Character Move Empty Re: Bodashka Character Move

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