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< Aleksey Zelinski Transfer Application >

Basic Information >

Steam Name:
- DoubleDamages

Steam ID:
- STEAM_0:1:5193951

Time with Myrder-Gaming:
- Almost since it started.

OOC Reason for you to have your character back (One Para):
- Since I'm not a native English speaker and the fact that I'm not that good at Rping, I'm really proud of my char 'Alec', I rped alot of situations for him, he became really interesting since I first started. I had a lot of friends with this char and I wan't to continue his story. That's why I'd like my char back, maybe not with all the stuff I had of course.

< Character Information >

Character name:
- Aleksey 'Alec' Zelinski

Character Back story (One Para):
- Aleksey Zelinski was born in Moscow, the 24th of October 2006. Little his know about his childhood since he don't speak too much about that time, we can still understand that he was a shy kid whithout real friends.
When the Bombs start raining on us, Aleksey had time to hide into the metros stations but his parents didn't had the same luck. During his first months into the dark tunnels, Aleksey didn't done much with his life, he tryed to remain alive at all cost, avoiding most metros inhabitants.

He was really lucky to remain alive during all theses years, Aleksey didn't talked much even when he growned up. He manage to get some bullets while working for different peoples in his originating station. Even if he was shy, Aleksey was a really curious kid, always enjoying the newly arrived goods he could get from the convoys. Days after days, his station was getting more dangerous, bandits and mutants attacks began to be a normal way of life. Aleksey was not sure about "what to do with my life", but he was sure he didn't wanted to stay here any longer.

After he turned 20, Aleksey had enough bullets to leave his station, he get on board of the first convoy he could find, with a small bag on his shoulders. He met a lot of peoples during his travels, he eventually manage to became less shy. After a full year of travelling, he arrived at Polis where he met his actual "Father", Leonide Demidenko. Aleksey was totally lost when he arrived at Polis, but Leonide helped him and finished by considering him as his son.
After 4 years in Polis helping his father into his general goods store, Aleksey learned alot from travellers and stalkers who came to his father's store. Aleksey was impressed by all the amazing storys the stalkers and rangers tolded him that he wanted to do the same, he wanted to do something of his life.

At the age of 27, Aleksey left his father and Polis, and travelled to a random destination, hoping to find a meaning to his life. He arrived at Tretyakovskaya a month after his departure where he settled down. He met alot of great peoples there, in particular; Jason Malarov. Jason was a newly arrived dweller when he met Aleksey.
They became close friends after he helped Jason when he arrived at the station. They manage to join the station's guards after a lot of events. Aleksey understodd what he had to do, protect the ones he liked, that's why he join the Talonic Army.
He trained alot and learn countless usefull things about the Metro and various weapons, he aslo went to the surface for the first time after the bombs felled.
Aleksey began to be know as "Alec", he learned how to treat wounds from a Stalker called "Mariner". He was really proud of himself, he kept defending his station countless times with his friends from the TA, and for the first time of his life, Alec discovered the true meaning of Love. Alec fell in love with a gril called Emily, she was a member of the Red Line.

But faith as chosen another path for her and she got killed by her own mans. Alec fall into a depression afterwards, he also lost other good friends during theses times. But thankfully his friend Jason was here for him, he helped Alec countless times with moral problems and "real problems" such as mutants. Alec had face countless threaths, his life in Tretyakovskaya changed him.

He leaved the station a few weeks before the Reds and Reich attack to vist his father in Polis. He learned what happend to his station when he arrived at Polis, Alec was totally depressed when he was told everyone got killed Inside the station. He became a "mercenary" afterwards, travelling from a station to another hoping to find some survivors of the Tretyakovskaya Assault.

IC reason for character coming to Chistye Prudy? (One Para):
- Since the Tretyakovskaya assault, Alec had to find a job, that's why he became a mercanary. It's a somehow easy job, that help's him making a few bullets. After almost 3 weeks of hard work, Aleksey had enough bullets to pay himself a cart ride to a random destination. He didn't believed that all of his friends died in Tretyakovskaya. After travelling into the tunnels, going from a station to another, Alec finally arrived in, what he thought, would be another empty station. But he wasn't expecting to find some people in there...

Items you wish to apply for on your character:
- Maybe a custom skin from the Tnb Stalker pack (if possible), an Empty Ak-47, a Glock with only one mag and an MarkII gasmask (or lower) without filters.

Any Proof you may have of Existance (Screenshots, Diaries, Etc.):-
- I don't have any 'pics' of my past char and such. But a lot of people could tell that I used too have this char back in UEN.


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The random desination... I really do not think is a legit reason, but how ever I will accept it.

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Glock, one mag and a markIII gasmask.

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