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Post  Guest on Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:21 am

Wasp's Myrder Gaming Staff application.

Basic Information-

Steam name:
- Wasp

Steam ID:
- To be added

What rank are you applying for?:
- Any, preferably SA or A

Why do you wish to join the Myrder Gaming Team? (1 Para):
- Metro RP is something I enjoy a lot, and as such, I wish to be a part of the team that en-devours to maintain high standers of RP in the server, I deeply enjoy RP, and I want others to share in that enjoyment, that means making sure everything is fair, and the rules are being upheld, as well as helping any people that need assistance, or indeed, new players. I believe that teaching RP is very important. We were all new once, its only fair that new players get a decent learning experience, rather than being called a minge and kicked. Of course, there are those who purposely ruin RP, but everyone should be given a fair warning and chance to learn.

Why should we choose you over the others whom applied? (1 Para):
- I have been a staff member in several communities for several years now, indeed, since the first NLG Metro I was OP, and moved to Director. A lot of you know me, and as far as I can tell, you don't have serious issues with me, I have a lot of experience in RP, and as stated, I've been part of a Metro staff team many times before, therefore I believe I can deliver the service required for the role.

As a Staff member here at MG do you understand that you must attend staff related duties, such as being called for help, rather then continuing your RP?:
- Of course. RP, as important as it is, is nothing without the players, therefore, giving the players the comfort and support that they need while in the server is paramount. If assistance is needed, the current RP you are in should be politely halted, (Or if this is a group, this will not apply) but I would state that I will be back. It is not a simple case of RPing on the server if you're staff, you have a duty to the players that are under your care at the time.

As a staff member at MG do you understand that we may revoke your rank with little or to no warning?:
-Yes, I would prefer to know why and a chance to defend myself, but I'm not the one in charge here, and hopefully I will give very little cause for any of you to doubt my capabilities.

Do you promise to show high levels of professionalism while staffing our community?:
-Of course, being a member of staff does not permit personal feelings to interfere with your duty or the service that is given to the players, members of staff should be professional at all times. To help the players, and to set an example to the players and new RPers.

Other Information-

- GMT 0

Hours available online:
- 8+

Previous staff experience, Please explain:
- I have been a staff member for various communities now. Both in Half life 2, and in Metro. Obviously NLG and UEN is one. I was also staff for a time in RRP, DiCi and SLA. I was an admin in OB, also, I was the rank of admin in CG (Citrus gaming, not Catalyst.) in an Apoc server.

Previous SeriousRP experience, Please list:
-I have been serious RPing now for 6 years. Mostly and mainly, half life 2. But I have experience in Apoc, Frundtech and Metro RP as well.

Time with Myrder Gaming:
-About a week now

- I hope this application is good enough to show the people of Myder gaming that I wish, and believe I am able to assist the community in delivering a good service, and a good standard of RP to go by. Thank you for your consideration.


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Wasp's staff app Empty Re: Wasp's staff app

Post  Brendin65 on Sat Sep 21, 2013 7:14 pm

I seen you be a admin. I'll accept you. But... You must pick up on answering people when in need.

Don't get me wrong I think your a good admin.. But I would still like to see you pick it up.

Wasp's staff app 2jbtf0n

For the role of Operator.

I'll give ya' a week or two, after that you have a good chance at becoming admin.

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