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Post  DoubleDamages on Thu Jun 18, 2015 12:56 pm

As requested many times, here is the actual precise lore:

So, we are located at Kolomenskaya, at the south part of the Russian subway system. A region which was mostly un-explored or cut away from the main tunnels ; for years nobody attempted to join up with this part of the Metro, before the Hansa ring was installed.
As far as the archives goes, one single and important tunnel had remain usable, it's the only link with the main part of the Metro and permits to join up with the Ring stations of Tul'skaya, Serupkhoskaya and Dobryninskaya.
Most stations on the route towards the Ring are abandonned, or taken over by small group of loners, scavengers and bandits. Dangerous nests of mutants, radiations and 'anomalies' have been spotted on the side maintenances tunnels and rare surface access.

Recently, at Sevastopolskaya’s abandoned station, which is nearby Kolomenskaya's station, a new entry to the surface has been discovered; leading to an old industrial area, the very few to have brave theses lands talked of almost intact buildings which are full of goods and items. Appart from the many hidden dangers that lies ahead.
Many stalkers and scavengers tried their chance up there, and quickly, numerous maps of the surroundings have been updated in consequence of that. Still this area remains dangerous even for the most experienced stalkers.

Theses news quickly travelled throught the numerous tunnel of the Metro, arriving into the headquarters of two major factions: The Reich and the Reds. Negotiations and logistics mesures were quickly prepped as each of them would start sending small group and convoys in order to take positions in theses uncharted lands.

And this where, your story begins.


And for the others, here's bit of backstory from the main station of our server.

Kolomenskaya’s allied league:

Kolomenskaya was one of the first station to be reclaimed and transformed into a living place by the remains of Moscow citizens in this part of the subway lines. They quickly discovered that their main tunnel was cut away from the center of the metro system at Avtozavodskay’s surface bridge, which had collapse in the very first weeks of apocalypse.

The dwellers of Kolomenskaya turned their sight towards Kashirskaya’s station and Kantemirovskaya’s station, quickly taken over them in order to welcome more survivors. Time passed as almost nothing happened to the three allied stations, until they appeared: The Nosalis. Monstruous creatures, born from the radioactive ashes of the different nuclear projectiles which destroyed Moscow.

The Nosalis had numerous nests on the surface and into the collapse stations and tunnels near the KAL’s stations. Day after day, the attacks became more frequent and deadlier for the humans remnants. After almost 4 years of settlement, the dwellers had to leave Kantemirovskaya ; retreating towards Kolomenskaya. A few mechanics and engineers managed to seal the tunnel using makeshift explosives to contain the Nosalis threat. As far as the rumors go, the whole station collapsed on herself, blocking the main access to the mutants, unfortunately they still represent a serious threat.

From now on, the Allied stations stopped their expansions ideas, remaining in the two they still have, which are still located abit far from each others. Contact has since been made by the Hansa Ring-line, they are now sending convoys of ressources respectivelly.

At the start of the 2033th year into the dark tunnels of the metro, a group of daring dwellers found an hidden surface access in Sevastopolskaya’s abandoned station branch. From this point, in a matter of weeks, a lot of changes occurred in this part of the metro…

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