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Post  Jack5868 on Thu May 26, 2016 10:55 am

--Kolomenskaya Allied League Militia--
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Within the Kolomenskaya Allied League itself lies its militia. This relatively small group of under-equipped and poorly trained men are charged with defending the KAL against any and all known threats within the local area and network of tunnels. Being cut off from the main Moscow Metro for many years, their equipment is very limited and is detriorating rapidly. It is known however that Hansa have established contact and are sending vital military supplies their way - Though at a price. Despite their disadvantages, the militia has seen relative success in countering both the bandit and mutant threats which plague the KAL's local tunnels. They have almost constantly been warring with the growing threat of Nosalises, with their efforts leading to the eventual destruction of the line between Kantemirovskaya and Kolomenskaya in an attempt to drastically limit the mutant's ability to attack the other 2 stations within the KAL. Much of the militia's equipment has come from traders as opposed to more official channels, and is usually of such poor quality or condition that it's barely useable. The militia's lack of formal training also limits their ability to fight effectively, with experience gained from veteran members being passed down having to substitute. Due to the lack of benefits (Most notably, a pitiful wage) very few dwellers within the KAL enlist and as such the militia struggles for manpower a lot of the time. Regardless of these numerous setbacks, the KAL militia does its absolute best to ensure the continued protection and safety of the stations and its inhabitants.


~20 combatants ICly, 5 actual slots

Key Personnel:
Commander: Leonid Barkov - Jack5868 (STEAM_0:1:13150202)
Station Officer: Trifonov Tarasovich - Brute (STEAM_0:0:56966279)
Guardsman: Alexei Bryzgalov - Thepancakeman (STEAM_0:1:25650591)
Guardsman: Friederike Holiday - Vinyl (STEAM_0:1:49137072)
Guardsman: Emily 'Forrest' Haines - Wasp (STEAM_0:1:14911231)

Standard Gear:

-Basic Metal Helmet or Ushanka/Beanie
-Gas Mask /w Charcoal Filter
-Thick Winter Jacket
-Orange Armband
-Thick Combat Pants
-Military Boots

-1 Flashlight
-1 Knife
-1 Revolver, Lolife or Bastard
-2 Clips (Bastard, Lolife) or 12 Rounds (Revolver)
Note: Other equipment can be procured at your own expense.

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