EVENT - Episode one - Rebirth.

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EVENT - Episode one - Rebirth. Empty EVENT - Episode one - Rebirth.

Post  Slaewaek on Fri May 27, 2016 12:15 pm

This will be the first event of the server, also known as the "Launch" event. It will take place before the Kolomenskaya Station. You will be located at Awtozawodzka, also known as "The Gate-Way". Here you will begin your journey towards the new station. Going from metro to surface, then back to metro. (It will be a simple map swap to the other metro map for now... Sorry!) The details of the event will be below.



EVENT - Episode one - Rebirth. FbnjrTq

Episode one - Rebirth.

Rebirth will start in the old station, right before we take a new group of dwellers through the dangerous path to the surface and back down into the tunnels.
Leading this new group of dwellers, stalkers, and traders alike to their new life. Away from the mutants, away from the reds and reich. No war, no violence.
Only peace... Or so they thought.

The group was scheduled to leave the station one week from today, June 3rd, 2033. However something happened, something no one expected... The increased noise,
smell, and activity of this group attracted a horde of some unecpected geusts, one that sent chills down everyones backs.... And this is where it began.

This event will serve as the launch event, I will break it down into several parts.

#1 - Kolomenskia's gaurds getting everyone into respective groups, essentially fire teams. So lets say if we have twelve players on the server, it will be, three
dwellers one gaurd, three dwellers one gaurd, three dwellers one gaurd. This is them doing practice drills before their adventure above ground and back below. Soon
after they Get into their respective groups loud banging would and could be heard from the doorways of the southwest doorways, the "Dark Maze" and the Large
Southern gate ofthe station.

#2 - Right, so each group is set, now you got mutants screaming thourghout the tunnels to the south of the station, banging on the station gates. IC gaurds will be
staying at those gates, (Admins, aka me....) Telling the station gaurds what is going on. In the mean time the Kolo gaurds will be getting these groups ready to
move, early. As a just in case.

#3 - Soon after these mutants will break through the gates, both of them. A massive horde of mutants will charge into the station, chasing the inhabitants (You)
Out of the other gate, the nothern gate. Where you will slowly make your way through the dangerous tunnels towards the old reich base. (Yes you will go around in a
full Damned circle) Once there you will take the gate to the surface, and bam. We are done and make it to the next station.

While pushing your way to this station you will encounter mutants from the front end and also from the back, more so from the rear then from the front. There will be
NPC Mutants, (Zombies because we dont have mutant NPC's yet.) and player Mutants (Then will be set to the respective mutant class and mutant model.) So this event
Will involde both S2RP and S2K. The S2K being on the NPC'S and the S2RP on the players.


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