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Thepancakeman's Application {ACCEPTED} Empty Thepancakeman's Application {ACCEPTED}

Post  Thepancakeman on Thu May 26, 2016 7:17 pm

<Thepancakeman's Server Application>

~OOC Information

Steam name - Thepancakeman

Steam ID - STEAM_0:1:25650591

Profile Link -

Age - 16

Your serious RP experience - A year or two of HL2RP, never have done MetroRP till now.

How were you referred to us?-

By writing this application you understand and agree to all of our rules, wether it be on the forums or server. You also understand that your character can be removed from the server, or the community as a whole, with little to no warning. (Within reason)

Do you understand the above? If so, please state you do.-
I understand.

~Character Information

Name - Alexei Bryzgalov

Age- 28

Faction (Ex. Dweller, Reich, Redline ect.)- Kolomenskaya’s Allied League

Faction rank (Ex. Cpt. Civilian, Ufw, etc.)- Imperial Guardsman

Faction MOS (Ex. Civilian doctor, engineer, demolition, etc.)- Combat Medic

Equipment (Ex. A revolver, Stalker suit, Kalash, ect.)- Vanilla Kalash, 2 Magazines, Poorly Rigged Headlamp, Gasmask.

Special skills / Knowledge (Ex. Hand to Hand combat training, Advanced medical knowledge, etc.)- Advanced Medical Knowledge

Character Reasoning for becoming one of the listed factions. (One Paragraph - Seven sentences. (This does not include civilian factions. Such as Dweller.))

Alexei wanted to help others in light of following in his parents’ footsteps and their deaths. Because of this newfound aspiration, Alexei would take random obbjobs to help others. During his many works, Alexei would hear of the Kolomenskaya Allied League and how they needed more men to supplement the security of the stations however he was also told the pay was mediocre at best. However, Alexei needed a way to feed himself and there were very little jobs that interested him so he gave serious thought to joining the militia. Along with the opportunity to help people, he also seeked for a way to avenge his parents. Alexei also wants to see his medical skills be put to good use to help those with good hearts. After much deliberation, Alexei decided to enlist in the Kolomenskaya Allied League’s militia.

Character Backstory. (At least 2 paragraphs - Seven sentences per paragraph.)-

As a child, Alexei was always interested in the medical field as his parents were both hospital workers. His interest was further fed when the bombs fell and him and his parents were lead inside to help in the relief effort. He would watch his parents work on all sorts of problems and illnesses and learned what he could from observing and watching. Sometimes Alexei would even help out which strengthened his resolve to ease and help those in pain. However, things rarely ever go well for long and Alexei soon found him and his parents in danger. While moving to another station to help in relief, his caravan was raided by bandits and almost everyone captured. The bandits not only made Alexei’s parents treat their wounded but also killed them before help was able to ward off the bandits. Along with his parents dead, Alexei finally saw the full extent of what a human person could do to one another even after an apocalypse. This left Alexei scarred as he was in his teens and became complacent of his surroundings.

After the bandit raid, Alexei drifted from station to station and carved out a living for himself by taking small jobs and taking random security jobs. Through these jobs, Alexei gained experience on defending himself and improvising ways to help people in any way possible. At first, it was basic first aid but then it came to utilizing his parents’ techniques to help others around him and to heal those who were hurt. Alexei felt good helping people and wanted to strive to help all that he could like his parents. While working a security job, Alexei was told that the Kolomenskaya Allied League were looking for more men and that him and some others would join up. After much deliberation and some information gathering about the Kolomenskaya Allied League, Alexei thought it would do him and his parents’ memory good to join up to protect those in his Alliance.


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Thepancakeman's Application {ACCEPTED} Empty Re: Thepancakeman's Application {ACCEPTED}

Post  Slaewaek on Thu May 26, 2016 10:47 pm


I'll leave you in Jack's hands.


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