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Sgt. Salvador's intro. Empty Sgt. Salvador's intro.

Post  Drakunn on Sat May 14, 2016 9:39 pm

SOME OF YOU MAY ASK "Who is this fegit". Some of you may be like "ayy I know this fegit!" and some of you may be like "Magnets, how do they work?". Well I am here to introduce myself as Sgt. Salvador! SOME might know me as "Not Drake" or "Drake3323". I'm your friendly neighborhood nice guy. EVEN If you're a dick to me, I'll still help you with most things. MOST things. If you wanna' find a way to grow your dick, I'm outsies. But if you just wanna' play (Depends on the mode/game) a game, just poke me on steam and I'll more than likely respond! I am writing this during a comp match in CS:GO. I just got awped like. 30 seconds ago... uhhh, that's about it!

My steam:


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