Giancana's Server Application {Accepted}

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Giancana's Server Application {Accepted} Empty Giancana's Server Application {Accepted}

Post  Giancana on Sun May 29, 2016 12:38 am

OOC Information

Steam name - Giancana

Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:55639671

Profile Link - http.//

Age - 18

Your serious RP experience - Hellzone, Lemonpunch, TnB, many other smaller communities. I've been GMod roleplaying since ~2013.

How were you referred to us?- Found the server on the server list.

By writing this application you understand and agree to all of our rules, whether it be on the forums or server. You also understand that your character can be removed from the server, or the community as a whole, with little to no warning. (Within reason)

Do you understand the above? If so, please state you do.-

~Character Information

Name -
Evgeny Pavlov

Age- 24

Faction (Ex. Dweller, Reich, Redline ect.)- Dweller.

Faction rank (Ex. Cpt. Civilian, Ufw, etc.)- Civillian/Nomad.

Faction MOS (Ex. Civilian doctor, engineer, demolition, etc.)- Electrician.

Equipment (Ex. A revolver, Stalker suit, Kalash, ect.)-

Full telogreika jumpsuit (haversack included) and a beanie with a headlamp.

Cheap respirator.

Bastard SMG and a Ashot shotgun-pistol. Limited ammunition for both.

Less than two days worth of food and vodka; no water.

An oil lantern and many hours worth of oil to accompany it.

No kind of currency whatsoever.

Special skills / Knowledge-

Evgeny possesses the knowledge of how to power broken or aged light sources given that there is a source of power nearby. His firearms training is fairly average due to growing up in the Metro where firearms are not a rare occurance.

Character Reasoning for becoming one of the listed factions. N/A.

Character Backstory.

Amongst many other children when Moscow's final moments came, Evgeny found himself wrapped in his trembling father's arms. Trailing behind was his mother, and behind his mother-- crowds and crowds of ordinary people scrambling to the Metro or saying their last goodbyes. Evgeny was too young to understand the cries of the innocent or the whistles of atomic artillery as it rained down upon his motherland. His last memory of Earth.

Evgeny was a lonely child, a stoic child. Following the days of the Red Line's formation and the promise for a communist utopia his father was forced to serve for the Line's militia and his mother was forced into back-breaking labor just so they could eat at night. His father never came back. By the age of 14 Evgeny began laboring himself; powering lights and creating electric currents that could power an entire room. It gave him rations, so he was okay with it. Being an electrician wasn't an easy task for Evgeny as he worked hours and hours on end throughout his late teenage years and into early adulthood, assuring that the Red Line's energy usage was sufficiant and working whilst knowing that if he screwed up, they'd shoot him and replace him with someone else in a heartbeat.

Yevgeny was nearing the age of conscription for the Red Line's militia, and he was scared that he would suffer a similar fate to his father's. Yearning to stay and not join the fight for the communists, Yevgeny purposely tore open his calf muscle in his leg on a jagged edge of a railroad track and neglected to seek proper treatment. Days later, the gash in his leg became infected and was treated-- but he'd need some time to wear off. Perhaps he bought himself a month or two to rethink his purpose in life.

After weeks of planning and operating, Evgeny made his escape from the Red Line and threw himself into the dark, dark tunnels of the Metro. He limps every step of the way -- and the tremors in his leg forces him on the brink of insanity. All he has are the clothes on his back and the poor excuse for supplies hauled in his haversack. No, he doesn't have hope. He doesn't have a goal-- He's trying to survive in this world.


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Giancana's Server Application {Accepted} Empty Re: Giancana's Server Application {Accepted}

Post  Slaewaek on Sun May 29, 2016 1:43 am


Only a bastard for the weaponry. Sorry.

Ask a admin in game for your equipment.


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