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DoubleDamage's staff application Empty DoubleDamage's staff application

Post  DoubleDamages on Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:06 am

DoubleDamages Dystopia-Gaming Staff application.

Basic Information-

Steam name:
- DoubleDamages

Steam ID:
- STEAM_0:1:5193951

DoubleDamage's staff application 76561197970653631

What rank are you applying for?:
- Admin if possible, Operator if it's not.

Why do you wish to join the Dystopia-Gaming Team? (1 Para):
- First things first, I want to join Dystopia-Gaming staff team in order to help fullfilling all the timezones, so that all players can enjoy their experience no matter where they live and in which timezone they are.
I've also been part of several others staff teams as "builder/proping/decorative" guy and also as a lore friendly event maker and I would like to be able to do the same onto this server.
And of course, I want to be able to help other players so they can enjoy their stay at Dystopia-Gaming.

Why should we choose you over the others whom applied? (1 Para):
- I've been part of many staff teams over the almost 7 years of Serious Roleplay I have at my "scoreboard".
I know the drill and what responsabilites and duties I'll need to attend too. I will do my best in order to help players whenever it's needed, rather then continuing my current RP.

As a Staff member here at Dystopia-Gaming do you understand that you must attend staff related duties, such as being called for help, rather then continuing your RP?:
- Of course, I understand and I will do my best to fullfill theses duties if I'm given the chance.

As a staff member at Dystopia-Gaming do you understand that we may revoke you rank with little or to no warning?:
- I understand that my rank can be revoked and I will accept so.

Do you promise to show high levels of professionalism while staffing our community?:
- I promise to show professionalism while staffing into this community.

Other Information-

- GMT+1

Hours available online:
- I'll be on vacation for the the next 3 months, and I would be able to connect at various times, depending of IRL requirement.

Previous staff experience, Please explain:
- I have been throught most standard staff ranks, such as Operator, Admin or even Super Admin and such in some of the various communities listed below.

Previous SeriousRP experience, Please list:
- I'v been member of a staff team in: 3 Metro servers, 3 Halo servers and some Stalker, Fallout RPs which I don't remember exactly.

Time with Dystopia-Gaming:
- I'v been knowing the current starting staff team for about 2 good years, but the server is not open yet so I can't actually tell.

Is English your first language?
- No, I'm French so English isn't my first language, thought I try my best to speak it correctly.

- Negative.

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DoubleDamage's staff application Empty Re: DoubleDamage's staff application

Post  PlasmaXlite on Fri Jul 03, 2015 10:07 am

Better than mine.

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DoubleDamage's staff application FoWVzMz
DoubleDamage's staff application 1rjBnai

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DoubleDamage's staff application Empty Re: DoubleDamage's staff application

Post  Frost on Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:32 am

I have read your application and I like it. I have also known you for a while and have seen you staff. You will be given the rank Operator.



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DoubleDamage's staff application Empty Re: DoubleDamage's staff application

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